Searching for the perfect keynote, after dinner, or closing speaker to set the stage or wrap up a successful event? You need Bobbie Staten. Bobbie is a veteran certified speaking professional (CSP) and humorist. Her motivational speaking techniques are funny and encouraging. Bobbie uses a weave of down home humor and communicates her message to let go of stress, and choose what you allow “in your circle” of influence. You can choose to live your life with a smile and a purpose, or drag through each day like it was day one of a 30 year sentence!

Bobbie originally wanted to be a veterinarian but things didn’t work out that way. She instead started off her career as a nurse. Of course, once she found out that she couldn’t stand the sight of blood and her patients began dropping like flies, she moved to the classroom where her natural humor and talents emerged. Bobbie helps audience members take a moment, reflect, laugh, and enjoy daily workplace, home, and life’s stressful situations.

Everyone thinks they have a good sense of humor, but some folks seem to be good at hiding theirs. Bobbie has a knack for bringing out hidden humor-at work, at home, in relationships, with children and even at the DMV.

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Bobbie Staten believes each individual is responsible for bringing joy, happiness and success into their home lives and their work environment.  She knows that every person has things that excite, encourage and motivate them.  Bobbie loves change and challenges and working with others to accomplish both.  She says, “There isn’t much you can’t do once you figure out what it is that you want.” Bobbie believes that life really isn’t all that hard.  Bobbie enjoys helping others “figure things out”- whether it is how to increase morale, boost profits, reduce turnover, prepare for change, or how to get licensed over the weekend to spray pesticides (you had to be there, or at least ask her to tell you the story!). Bobbie works with individuals and organizations to redirect momentum to get the job done.