Hire me!

Hire me!

Thank you for your interest in Bobbie’s programs. Presentations range from 45 minutes to 3 hours. Bobbie’s fees range from $3000 to $5500. Please call to discuss you specific program needs, dates, and times for an individualized quote.

Bobbie is prepared to do keynotes, breakouts, workshops, openings, closings, luncheons and after-dinner programs. She can vary her humor-to-message content ratio to match your needs. Once you know your program dates and times she will put your requested date “on-hold” which means she gives you “first dibs” for that date.

Our office prides itself on being as easy to work with as humanly possible. Bobbie is not a prima donna. She does not need babysitting or special accommodations. We keep our travel expenses to the minimum and Bobbie considers herself part of your staff for the day. She helps pitch in to make your event the best it can possibly be. She has been known to help serve meals, set up the furniture or change her program length at the last minute to help keep the schedule on time.

Her AV needs are minimal – a hand-held microphone and an audience. We prepare handouts, objectives and lesson plans for each of her presentations if needed for CE credits.

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You’ve booked me, so now what

Once you have booked Bobbie for your event, please fill out the form and submit the information so that we may use it to customize your presentation.


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Click this link to print your program specific introduction to give to the person that will introduce Bobbie.