Room Setup


Room Lay Out

I prefer the audience as close to me as possible. Humor works better when the room is set up very much like a comedy club, i.e., crowded and close to the speaker. If there is a head table, please have a deep riser so I can walk out in front of the head table.

If the room is very large, please assure the audience sits in the front rows by reserving or roping off the last few rows. They can be opened up for seating as the room fills.

I do not use a lectern, and prefer to be able to walk towards the left and right to acknowledge the audience seated on the wings. Please make sure there is 25 feet or so of travel cord (not taped down) and a hand mike or a hand held wireless mike. No lavaliere/clip on mike please.

If the room is long and narrow please set it up sideways with the speaker in the middle of the long wall if this is possible.

I realize that there may be reasons that some of the above cannot be accomplished. Please do let me know if there are problems so we may work out the best possible alternatives. I want this program to be wonderful for your group.