I Miss You

My business has slowed down. Economy?-Possible. My age-I don’t think so. After all the new 60 is 40, only you keep working because you have no saving- no fault of yours!

My money is fine but what I miss is you, my audiences. Ok, so I admit I am addicted to you. I enjoy encouraging you and making you laugh,and reminding you that co-workers and family are important.

While we were apart I lost 100 pounds, have become much more active in Church, have read many books, have paid much more attention to politics and the economy. I am afraid we as a nation are in deep do-do but I finally realize that I can’t fix it. Church helped me with that.

So when you see me again I will look happier, more relaxed, more comfortable in my own skin and extremly giddy because you asked me to come.

The 4 maltese, the poodle, the 18 koi are all fine. I gave the chickens away to friends( who really can eat 24 eggs a day.) The new interstate opens in 2 weeks and the highway is two doors down from the farmhouse so folks want to buy my property and bulldoze my house. I haven’t signed any papers. I don’t want to leave my home.

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Funny motivational humorist. Backgroung in health care, always an encourager. Wellness, leadership, living with self control issues. Women's groups, associations, medical environments, businesses.

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