Bobbie’s perspective

Bobbie Staten believes each individual is responsible for bringing joy, happiness and success into their home lives and their work environment. She knows that all people have things that excite, encourage and motivate them. Bobbie loves change and challenges and working with others to accomplish both. She says, “There isn’t much you can’t do once you figure out what it is that you want.” Bobbie believes that life really isn’t all that hard. Bobbie enjoys helping others “figure things out”- whether it is how to increase morale, boost profits, reduce turnover, prepare for change, or how to get licensed over the weekend to spray pesticides (you had to be there, or at least ask her to tell you the story!).

Bobbie works with individuals and organizations to redirect momentum to get the job done.

Bobbie’s favorite thoughts

You can too do it.
Figure it out.
It’s not that you fall off the wagon, it’s how long you stay in the ditch.
If one is good, two is better, well ok, not with pounds, husbands, or speeding tickets.
Do it right, especially if others are watching.
Do not ask the highway patrolman to hold your beer while you retrieve your driver’s license.
What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Just what the doctor ordered


Bobbie Staten has had a 40 year career in health care. She knows the industry highs and lows, the joys and the frustrations. Healthcare workers are stressed, overworked, underappreciated, underpaid and have WAY too much responsibility. And to add to it they never know what the government will change tomorrow. Medical personnel need more humor in their lives. Laughter helps release tension and brightens the day. When you can see humor in your everyday work life you have a chance to make it through the hard times. Motivational humor gives folks the chance to laugh, relax, reflect and realize it is never as bad and hopeless as it seems. Let go of the stress of the day and bring some humor to the job. Bobbie has spoken to hundreds of health care associations, hospitals, medical office staff, local, state and national health related conventions and is invited back time and again because she is a guaranteed platform success.


Bobbie Staten has worked for the best (herself), the worst (a psychiatric hospital) and many places in between- doctor’s office, clinic, school, home health, florist, cell phone store, and gas station (in high school she called herself a pump bunny). She has opened three start-up businesses and knows what it is like to have to make payroll each week.  The accounting (what do you mean the accounts have to balance???), the marketing (my budget is what!),  the personnel headaches (ever heard of an alarm clock?  Sorry, but if I remember correctly your grandfather died last month.  Maybe you should change your story…), the government regulations (HIPAA is a favorite), paperwork et cetera et cetera.  And we haven’t even mentioned the real work- the goals of the company. Bobbie can offer serious help with time management, goal planning, and communication skills but can more importantly do so with fun and humor.  Reducing stress in the workplace will improve morale and productivity, and lower costly employee turnover.  If people have fun at work it doesn’t really seem so much like work.  She is invited back time and again because she is a guaranteed platform success.


Can we talk?  Girls just want to have fun (and be loved, and be sexy, smart, accomplished, in control, admired, respected, envied and did I mention a size 2).  Oh, heck, we want it all.  And we deserve it.  Anyone who has to wear the zillion women hats, usually at the same time, needs to take a few moments for themselves and laugh.  Bobbie Staten has spoken to hundreds of women’s events over the last 20 years.  Comments like “The best speaker ever.” “Bring Bobbie back.”  “My face hurts from laughing.”  “I have no makeup left!” fill the evaluations.  Hear her stories about her near-mute husband, her ever changing family, and the ups and downs of living in a hectic fast paced twenty-first century. Bobbie is invited back time and again because she is a guaranteed platform success.


Although Bobbie is actually a “city” girl (relatively speaking), her love of animals and nature has moved her to lead a more country life.  She has chickens, goats, dogs, birds, fish and occasionally, mice around her home.  She lives in a 130 year old farm house “Tara.” No, not Tara, “terror!” She tells stories of her husband, child (she would have had more children but realized she didn’t like them . . .), remodeling, caring for the animals, living in the south, and being a business owner, wife, mother, and “certified pesticide administrator (You had to be there). She is invited back time and again because she is a guaranteed platform success.


The meeting room is too hot.  The room is too cold.  Registration was awful.  We can’t hear the speakers. The food was terrible. Bobbie Staten was wonderful! What more can we say?  She is easy to work with and the audiences love her.  She doesn’t use Power Point, projectors, or anything but a microphone, humor and heart.  She has spoken to audiences of 50 to 7,000. Often times her audiences have a mixture of ages, backgrounds, education, cultures, genders, but everyone sees themselves in her message.  Her most satisfying comment was by a high level corporate attendee who came up after the meeting and said, “I didn’t want to like you but I couldn’t help it!”  Go figure. She is invited back time and again because she is a guaranteed platform success.


By the end of this sentence the reader will be able to:

A. Define the word pencil.
B. Find a pencil.
C. Work wonders with a pencil.
D. Who cares?

If you are a teacher, school board member, principal, bus driver, crossroad guard, or superintendent of the school system, hats off to you!  Eight hours a day without being able to go to the bathroom is not good for you or your sense of humor.  (Do you have a red pencil in your hand at this moment?  PUT IT DOWN. There will not be a test.) Bobbie knows that all students are motivated, and all parents are perfect! Picture of smiley face Bobbie is an extraordinary teacher.  She knows the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives and objects to them. No, seriously, Bobbie connects with educators because she spent years teaching in health care settings.  She admits she could not teach children of any age, because she is still a child herself.  And, too, there is that no hitting rule.  But as many of you know, when you can laugh, you can learn.  Bobbie has never had anyone fall asleep in her programs.  Participants are too afraid they will miss something! She is invited back time and again because she is a guaranteed platform success.

Continuing Educational Credits ***
Bobbie’s programs can generally be approved for medical and educational CEU’s. She provides lesson plans, objectives, teaching modalities and can tailor programs to meet your specific objectives.